The Puppet

From sources in direct contact with the Luxemburg financial authorities (CSSF), we have learned that David Mapley, the tutor of Tudor Fedeles is black flagged in Luxemburg. As it stands now David Mapley can’t act in any official capacity anymore in Luxemburg.

In the resent month we see Tudor Fedeles pushed more and more to the forefront in the shady businesses of David Mapley. In recent days they have been actively trying to push their new „The Shimoda High-Yield fund – RAIF”. According to the terms sheet, the fund is all but ready to be open. Except for an AIFM, (Maitland SA) and an administrator (UBS), there are no service providers. Please note that with a construction RAIF the directors are not subjected to approval by the regulator CSSF. The AIFM is the sole responsible party in this construction.

We surely hope that Maitland knows with who they are entering relation into. But here is a pro-tip. Do some background research it can save you from embarrassment and potential criminal complaints in the future.


The other boss

We already knew that Tudor Fedeles is working with fraudster David Mapley, but David Mapley is not the only person with a dubious past that Tudor Fedeles is working with. On his LinkedIn page, we come across another name: Francis Hoogewerf. This Francis Hoogewerf is the founder of Hoogewerf & Cie, who we can safely call the Luxemburg godfather offshore.

Now you’ll think, OK, but that’s one of the core businesses in Luxemburg, what’s the fuss about that? Yes, we know. But Francis Hoogewerf also has a very dubious history. Let’s dig a bit little deeper into that.

Since the 1970’s Francis Hoogewerf is involved in setting up and administrating hundreds of fictitious companies, mostly in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Panama. By doing this, he systematically worked together with some of the shadiest people in the offshore industry to provide tools for tax evasion and money-laundering.

If you want to know more about the Swiss offshore business and all the scandals it is surrounded in, read the book Swiss connection by Gian Trepp. (Chapter about Francis Hoogewerf)

Tudor Fedeles is not planning to earn his money in an ethical way. With David Mapley and Francis Hoogewerf as mentors, he clearly opted for the dark side of business, only today we have the internet to keep ones honest.

Stay tuned….


RomLux at risk

We want to talk about the following. RomLux is a Luxembourg-based not-for-profit organisation that aims to support the development of economic relations between Romania and Luxembourg. An excellent initiative. Romania has been able to develop well in recent years after it became a member of the EU in 2007. However, whom we also find at RomLux is Tudor Fedeles. That doesn’t seem so right to us.

Corruption and a weak legal system

Let’s cut to the chase. Romania is falling further and further behind in the fight against corruption and a fair justice system, according to an EU report. It does not seem desirable to us that you have a board member in your ranks who has ties to the well-known fraudster David Mapley.

With Tudor Fedeles and David Mapley involved in many sketchy companies, Tudor Fedeles is a clear danger for the trustworthiness of the RomLux organisation.  If we were the RomLux, we would get Tudor Fedeles out of our ranks as soon as possible, as this would not enhance the credibility of the organisations goals.


Fake it until you make it

Tudor Serban Fedeles born in 1989 in Piatra Neamt in eastern Romania. Late 2010 Tudor Fedeles opened a company in his home town Piatra Neamt selling plants, seeds and Pet food. The company still exist on paper but never declared financial data.

In 2012 Tudor Fedeles started his second business. Tudor Investing Solutions SRL. Not to say that this was a great success, after losing money for a couple of years, the rented office had to be evacuated in 2018 due to court ruling.

In 2013 Tudor Fedeles attempted to start a third business Sky Rock Financial Service SRL, but that also failed.

According to his Linked-in page, Tudor Fedeles is a well-educated man, for whom it wouldn’t be too difficult to obtain a well-paid position in the financial industry. Which leaves us important question, why is he the henchman of known fraudster David Mapley? Now we haven’t had the chance of verifying all his claimed university grades, but we have serious doubts.